The main sights of Girona

A visit to Girona will be a real celebration for those who love to spend time actively and usefully, constantly learning something new. Numerous museums and ancient buildings, including those dating back to Roman rule and the dark early medieval times, will not let even the most demanding guest get bored here. So, a short description of the main sights of Girona – a wonderful city that keeps its ancient history not only in memory, but also in the artifacts that have survived from the depths of the centuries.

Plaça de la Independència (Independence Square)

This is one of the main festive places in the city, where many festive events are held. It owes its name to the events of the Iberian War (with Napoleon). It is located on the site of an ancient monastery. It is a cozy and beautiful place. Around the square there are buildings erected in neoclassical style with sculptural colonnades, on the first floors of which there are shopping galleries. The square is surrounded by numerous bars and restaurants with open areas. The architectural appearance of this landmark was formed in the XIX century.

Museum of Cinema

It is a very interesting place, where about 20 thousand exhibits relating to the history of cinema, including the first 25 years after the emergence of cinematography. This is the first film museum of its kind in Spain. On the basis of the museum there are educational programs and a souvenir shop.

Bridges over the Oñar River

The Onyar River is the main waterway of Girona, separating the Old and the New Town. It is a landmark in its own right, and the bridges connecting two such different parts of the city are its jewelry. There are eleven in total. Including one built by Gustave Eiffel himself, the author of the well-known Parisian tower. It is worth to walk along the river and admire the bridges, take bright pictures against the background of colorful houses, colorful scattering of the river bank, it seems from this multicolor slightly fantastic.

Old Town

The sights of Girona Old Town are a separate theme. Every house, every corner here remembers centuries of history and is ready to share them. But there are also the most famous, most popular attractions. Fortress walls from the heyday of the Roman Empire, preserved from the I century AD. Today they surround the Old Town in several places where there are viewing platforms with magnificent views of Girona.

Jewish quarter “El-Cal” is a bohemian quarter with luxury real estate. From the 9th century onwards, Jews settled here, forming a large community that even had its own Kabbalistic school. The appearance of the quarter has reached our days in the form in which it can be seen now, since the XV century. It will be interesting to take a walk, there is a museum of Jewish history. The History Museum of Girona on rue Carrer de la Forza. It is located in an ancient building of the XVIII century, belonging to the Capuchin monastery. Here you can see many interesting things, including ancient scientific instruments and musical instruments.

The Gothic Cathedral of St. Mary is the main attraction of the Old Town. After St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, it is the second largest single-aisle cathedral in Europe. It has been built since 1416. Inside there are many valuable artifacts (the throne of Charlemagne, the altar with precious stones), as well as art and history. And if you are more inclined to modern buildings and want to live in Spain, we recommend buying luxury real estate in the popular golf resort of Girona province. Here you will find unique views and chic landscapes that will delight you every day.

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