Using proxies in online games

Proxies are quite a convenient tool to hide your identity while using the Internet. Currently, it is available for any user. Simply find a free proxy server and you can log in to the network under a different IP address without installing any additional software. Very handy tool that is widely used in many different areas. No exception and online games, where the use of a proxy server has become an indispensable tool for gamers from around the world. You can get the best proxies for online games here Proxy-Seller.Com. Let’s take a closer look at all the advantages that a proxy server opens for a professional player.

If you are interested in a serious development of your game account, you probably already heard about such a tool as a proxy server

As you know, most online games allow one user to have only one game account and immediately block it when trying to use multiple profiles. This is justified by the fact that the game balance is observed in this way. In fact, in most cases, companies producing online games simply want to increase the flow of donation and provoke an increasing number of fans of their game series to pour real money into the game. When it comes to advanced or professional players, they use a proxy server for faster account development. What is a proxy server?

They can be paid and free.

Free proxies, despite their fairly frequent use, are a fairly limited tool. Firstly, the speed of such servers is very much reduced due to the fact that at the same time quite a lot of people are connected to them. Moreover, in the context of online games, their use is almost useless, since most of the most popular companies involved in online games have long known all the IP addresses of free proxy servers and brought them to the so-called blacklist. This makes it impossible for gamers to use them to upgrade their accounts.

If you are planning to seriously engage in pumping your game accounts, we recommend to think about how to buy private proxies. Make it simple enough, but they are quite inexpensive. But at the same time they have a number of advantages over free proxy servers. First of all, the private proxy belongs only to you and only you can use it. It provides high speed connectivity. It is also worth noting that these servers are not exposed in repeated use and will not cause any suspicion on the part of the companies where you will register additional game accounts. In addition, such proxies are much safer to use than their free counterparts.

Thus, you can upgrade your main account in WOT or any other game through a proxy. World Of Tanks recently gained unprecedented popularity among players of different echelon. In it you can find as little children that don’t understand some strategy aspects and  playing for fun, and professional players for whom this game has become the main source of income. If you seriously intend to succeed in this game, you should think about buying a private proxy, as this will significantly reduce the time for the main account to be pumped and increase your efficiency.

Why do we need proxies:

  1. To overcome the limitations of access to game servers from any countries. For example, you can purchase English proxies here
  2. To reduce ping. Anyone who understands this term a little knows that the smaller it is, the better. Sometimes a properly selected proxy server can reduce ping by 2-3 times.
  3. To run bots (pumping and pharma). If the game welcomes the sale of various things, objects or weapons, then playing for several characters in parallel, revenue can be increased. But in many online games such tricks are strictly prohibited and punished with a ban (blocking access for a certain time). By accessing the IP address acquired on our website, you can easily avoid a similar fate by getting the most out of the game.