Welcome To A Different Kind of Web Design.

We have nothing to hide. That’s why, unlike other designers, we list our prices so you know exactly what you’ll get and how much it will cost.

Task Force

Standard Package
$ 899
  • Up To 10 pages
  • Configuration of up to 10 email addressses
  • Blog and 1 Contact Form
  • Responsive Design (Mobile Optimized)
  • Basic SEO Optimized
  • Speed Optimized and SSL Secured
  • Fast and Reliable Hosting

Box Alarm

Enhanced Package
$ 1499
  • Up To 20 pages
  • Configuration of up to 20 email addressses
  • Blog and up to 5 Contact Forms
  • 1 Enhanced Feature (ex: calendar, members-only content, Google Maps integration)
  • Responsive Design (Mobile Optimized)
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Basic SEO Optimized
  • Speed Optimized and SSL Secured
  • Fast and Reliable Hosting

Working Fire

Custom Package
  • Have something else in mind? We can take your dream and turn it in to reality!
  • E-Commerce and Donations
  • Members-Only Tools and Content
  • Text or Email Notifications
  • Shift Sign Ups and Calendars
  • Response Software Integration
  • Anything you can imagine!

Hiring a consultant is telling your community that you want to have a website that informs, educates and engages them. With a solid website, you can connect with your community on a relevant and impactful level.

User Experience and SEO

Website Analysis
$ 399 One time. No contract.
  • This consultation service focuses on improving the user experience of your current website.
  • Examine for spelling and grammatical errors
  • Check for missing or broken links and/or images
  • Ensure proper URLs and canonicalization (www vs non-www)
  • Inspect and fix on-site SEO
  • Once issues are identified, we will fix them. Simple as that.

Target Audience

Website Analysis
$ 299 One time. No contract.
  • This is probably one of the most important aspects of building a website. Knowing who uses your site will allow you to create content that addresses each of those user’s needs.
  • What individuals or groups have a vested interest in your fire department’s website?
  • What’s important to that individual or that group?
  • How can you create content that addresses their needs / concerns / interests?
  • This analysis is critical and highlights the areas where your website can improve. Once the analysis is complete, we will discuss how we can help you make changes based on the findings.

Do I Need A Rebuild?

Website Analysis
$ 75 One time. No contract.
  • A new website costs time and money. Our rebuild analysis will give you a report on whether a rebuild makes the most sense for your site.
  • Lack of website goals or performance reviews
  • Content management system review
  • Hosting and SSL inspection
  • Target audience and relevant content
  • Visual consistency
  • Archaic website structure (not built on a best practice, industriy standard, responsive platform)
  • Community engagement (blogs, social media, online public education)
  • If a new site is recommended, we can offer solutions for a rebuild. If not, we can suggest ways to improve your current site!

Maintenance is crucial to keeping your website secure and functional. Whether you do it yourself or you have hire someone to do it for you – it’s almost more important than the design itself.

Still unsure? Read “Why You Should Hire Someone For Website Maintenance in 2018

Probie Plan

Tier 1
$ 299 per year
  • This plan focuses on maintenance and security. Your site needs to be secure from hacker attempts, server downtime and loss of data. This plan puts this responsibility in the hands of Ignis Web Design to ensure your site is secure and running at all times.
  • Plugin and Theme Updates

    Plugins and themes are like apps on your phone – they need updating to ensure functionality and security. This plan ensures everything is up-to-date.

  • Security

    This plan adds a layer of body armor to your site to ensure hackers, bots and anyone trying to harm your site is unable to do so. You are also added to the Brute Force Attack Network.

  • Monitoring

    Your site will be monitored 24/7 using monitoring software to ensure your site is up and running 24/7. If your site does go down for any reason, Ignis Web Design is immediately notified so we can fix the problem and get you back up and running.

  • Content and Data Cloud

    BackupIf your site data is lost or corrupted for some reason, all your content and data are backed up to an offsite cloud drive. This very rarely happens, but its better to be prepared.

Chief Plan

Tier 2
$ 599 per year
  • This plan includes everything in the Tier 1 – Probie Plan but also includes on-demand content updating:
  • Tier 1 Features Included

    Plugins and themes updates, security, monitoring and backups are all included with this plan.

  • Content Updating

    Posts, pages, images, news stories – any existing content on your website will be updated by Ignis Web Design exactly when you need it to happen. You don’t have to worry about updating ANYTHING on your site for the entire year.