License agreement between the Player and the Casino

Let’s assume that the player has thoroughly checked the casino where he intends to start playing for early fraudulent activity. However, this cannot be an actual guarantee of honesty and integrity. It should be noted that the section containing information on the license agreement is available at each virtual playground (both cheaters and honest casinos). For example, if you’ve found the site casino royal vegas slots, you first need to check the license agreement, and then you can start playing.

How to check the license agreement

Each user must be especially scrupulous to read this section. It details all the disputes that may arise between the player and the casino. For example, initially the institution offers a bonus on your first deposit (its size can be up to 300% of your deposit). However, in the future to withdraw the money won can only be if the player has committed a certain number of bets the required amount (Wager). This number is precisely spelled out in the license agreement. In addition, the withdrawal can be made only after verification of identity. The document also describes what this requires and how soon after downloading the necessary scanned copies of documents, the player can withdraw money from his own account at the online casino.

It is strongly recommended to read the license agreement before creating an account! If the customer is not satisfied with something later, the casino can refer to a certain clause in the document governing the relationship between the player and the resource. In this case, all the money will be frozen in the account (most likely without the possibility of their return). There are situations when a player is a citizen of a country, the legislation of which equates virtual gambling with real ones. In this case, the casino reserves the right to block and then remove the user’s account from the jurisdiction. Do not hope for the restoration of funds remaining in the account. It is hardly necessary to say that such actions of the administration cannot be called fraudulent. The player has lost money only because of his own carelessness and negligence.

It should also be noted that the player must properly understand the clauses of the license agreement. If the client does not speak the language, he can find help on specialized forums. If previously to confirm the terms of the license agreement was required to check a box and click “I agree”, now, the creation of an account already indicates that its owner does not intend in the future in any way to challenge the license agreement. Pay due attention to the paragraph that describes the work with personal data of the player. Unscrupulous sites may trade that information without the consent of the player. This clause is not in the license agreement? Most likely, the customer is dealing with a potential cheater. Of course, it is better to refuse the services of such an institution.

The player should use all resources to study in maximum detail the proposed conditions of cooperation. Opening an account, the player should be 100% sure that the casino he chooses is created exclusively to meet legitimate commercial purposes, and not fraudulent. To translate the license agreement, you can use online translators or order a professional translation. If you want to find the safest casino to play at, you should also use It is the best way to find a reliable casino.