How online dating has evolved

Previously, in order to share something with friends, you had to make an appointment with them, and now we spend 80% of our time telling them about life through social networks, messengers and other communication channels. Following friendship, romantic relationships also change.

The first dating site appeared in the USA in 1995, and for some time was the only player in the online dating market. When registering, it was necessary to fill out a long and detailed questionnaire, and in order to see the profiles of other users, you had to pay money. The site followed certain algorithms according to which people are likely to like each other if they have similar interests. Recent studies disprove this claim. So, we make the first impression and the decision on the potential development of relations based solely on external data. A year later, a website was launched offering the option of finding a partner for sexual relations.

At the same time, the online dating market is developing, and a fundamentally different approach was presented in the applications: if earlier the search for people was based on their parameters (height, weight, eye color, interests, philosophical and political views), now we are looking for a partner nearby. This simplified further communication and made it possible to arrange a meeting with a potential partner in the shortest possible time. With the help of modern dating sites you can even configure the filter for catholic singles.

The revolution in online dating has come with the advent of even more modern applications. The uniqueness of these services is in ease of use: a free basic option, quick registration, a minimum number of input filters, as well as the same opportunity to meet “here and now”.

Shameful practices

At first, the attitude towards online dating was rather negative. This position was reflected, including in popular culture: in one of the series “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw demonstrates extreme indignation, having received a booklet that invites her to register on a dating site.

Many of us are ashamed to admit that they use dating sites. There is an opinion that registering on a dating site is a sign of despair, the lack of social skills necessary for dating in the real world. In addition, we are haunted by the idea of ​​confronting the rational and the emotional. Love is considered a sublime feeling beyond the control of reason. The fact that it can arise as a result of monotonous scrolling of hundreds of profiles and their technical evaluation by given parameters casts doubt on the very idea of ​​love.

At the same time, stigma is gradually erasing: happy stories of dating the two halves on the network appear in the media, and the use of dating applications is becoming common. However, online dating practices, unfortunately, do not cause serious interest from researchers. According to the available statistics for 2012, 25% of respondents said that they saw sites and applications as an opportunity to get acquainted with their soulmate, and 52% were opposed and said they preferred to get acquainted offline. In fact, using dating sites is the easiest way to search for сhristian singles or any other group of people that interests you.

Market relations

Most research in the field of online dating goes through the prism of a market that works according to its laws of supply and demand. We study the profiles that the site offers, just like the goods in the store, quickly making decisions and optimizing our costs during a kind of shopping.

At the same time, filling our own profile, we, often unconsciously, use a two-level forecasting system and present the information that a potentially promising partner will like. At every moment of time, we evaluate the benefits and costs of communication. And following this simple equation, we make a decision on the fate of the development of relations.